• Pressure Treating
  • KDAT
  • Millwork
  • Transportation

Pressure Treating

Offering quality pressure-treated lumber is how we began over 35 years ago and this remains an essential part of our menu of products. We offer Copper Azole type C and CCA-treated wood products. Levels of treatment include: Above-Ground (AWPA UC3B), Ground Contact (AWPA UC4A), and Structural Ground Contact (AWPA UC4B). These products can be used for decks, fences, landscaping, and freshwater/ground contact uses.

Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT)

We operate four dry kilns using a low-temperature dehumidification process. This process allows us to dry material efficiently but also maintain a quality level that Midwest Timber has become known for. Once material has been dried to an adequate moisture content it will be paper-wrapped and prepared for shipment.


We have an onsite millwork facility that allows us to customize products and orders to fit your exact needs. In our millwork facility, we produce many specialty products. These include center-match tongue & groove, EZV tongue & groove, stair tread material, grade stakes, and band groove material to name a few.
Our millwork facility is equipped with a centerline rip saw, three Planer /Moulders, HOLTEC saw, two re-saws. We also have the ability to paper wrap bundles, grade stamp, and IPPC/ISPM-15 stamp material for export packaging.


Midwest Timber operates our own fleet of trucks. We also have a very strong base of outside contract carriers. We take pride in delivering your material quickly and on time. Midwest Timber uses a wide variety of trailer sizes to make sure we have the right equipment for all kinds of orders, large and small.
Whether you order B-Trains or part trucks of lumber, you can be assured that Midwest Timber will ship your order expediently and efficiently. We have the ability to handle all of your material needs.